Dining out alone: An introduction

Everyone eats alone sometimes. A sandwich at your desk, cereal with the paper, pizza delivery and “Breaking Bad.” Eating out alone, too, I think is very common whether it is food court Chinese while holiday shopping or the airport restaurant during a layover. But eating out minus a reason for your solitude (shopping, travel, work), that is, going out to eat purposefully on your own, isn’t always a common or comfortable thing. But it has kind of become one for me. I’m single with a small group of friends in a city that isn’t yet mine. I love eating out, can be subject to the fear-of-missing-out when it comes to new restaurants, am more than okay with alone time, and can be quite the introvert. There are few people better poised than me to be a solo diner who is totally okay with it.

It is not difficult to find essays bestowing the virtues of eating out alone or offering tips for how to do it less self-consciously. These have been helpful and enjoyable for me to read. I don’t think that I can offer anything more than what’s already out there when it comes to advice on dining alone. What I can provide are thoughts on whether that advice is worth following and on my (largely good) experiences.

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