The Pumpkin Gobbler at Big Gay Ice Cream

Instagram (IG) has become a huge time drain on my life. I love it. Perusing the visuals of people’s lives never fails to engross me. And I have no issues with food porn, so I often go down many a rabbit hole in this regard. I am not adverse to spoilers, so one of my biggest rabbit holes is looking at the food of a restaurant I want to or am planning on visiting. Geotagging is the work of my devil. I follow a lot of chefs and restaurants, and I can be a total sucker for desiring a visit based on a special in a photo. The accounts of industry people, such as a chef or restauranteur, can also be attractive for all the stuff not directly tied to their restaurants, such as where they eat out or travel to, general voyeur-friendly tidbits.

One of my favourite food industry IG accounts is Big Gay Ice Cream (BGIC). With a serious love for soft serve, I’m obviously a big fan of their two shops here in NYC. So, yeah, I enjoy Doug Quint’s (the partner who mans the official BGIC IG) photos of their ice cream, but what I really love about the account are all the fun and unexpected photos that pop up totally unrelated to sweet treats. A memorable series involved the BGIC partners drinking and eating and eventually going for karaoke in Koreatown with Anthony Bourdain, his wife, and possibly Andy Ricker of Pok Pok. Or there was a Thanksgiving photo with Bourdain and Eric Ripert. Cheffy worlds colliding in the best possible way. The Golden Girls are frequent visitors. I can always count on BGIC to offer me a moment of funny, and in a city that never fails to offer frustrations, funny is good.

But if the ice cream was bad, I would have no reason to follow them. Let’s get to the food of this food blog.

BGIC is a no-brainer choice for me if I’m close to one of the shops, especially now that they have a proprietary ice cream base. Thanks to the IG, I saw that they recently brought back their pumpkin gobbler (a sundae with pumpkin butter, maple syrup, and pie crumbles).  Coupling soft serve and pumpkin meant that my meeting with this sundae was inevitable. The pumpkin butter was spicy enough to make you think of fall, but not necessarily pie, because the crumbles were too crisp to connote pie crust. The maple syrup bumps up the sweetness, but as the soft serve is not sugary, I would say this is as sweet as any sundae might be, but not cloying like Dairy Queen. But speaking of DQ, I fondly remember scraping out the last of the ice cream and sauce from the bottoms of their plastic cups whenever I would have one of their sundaes. Doing the same while finishing up my pumpkin gobbler made me feel like I was 12, as when my mom would treat me and a teammate to DQ after a great win on the soccer field. That would have been a great geotag.



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